A New Beginning

After a four year hiatus, the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) is preparing to begin work once again on a new road designed to relieve congestion on existing US 98 in northern Mobile County.

To gain public input, ALDOT hosted a Design Hearing in August 2013. The meeting, which attracted over 100 visitors, was an informal walk-in information session where ALDOT and consultants personnel were available to answer specific questions.

ALDOT thanks you for your interest and patience as we move forward with our mission of providing a safe, efficient and environmentally-sound transportation network throughout Alabama.

New COG Members Selected

Safe 98's Community Outreach Group is once again fully manned. First formed in 2008, this group of private citizens have volunteered to work with ALDOT to provide feedback to plans, suggest alternatives, ask pertinent questions and keep the community informed of the Safe 98 project.

Of the original 10 members, only five remain as the project prepares to restart in 2014. To replenish the group, ALDOT asked for more nominations from the public. More than two dozen nominations were received.

"We were very pleased with the public's response," said Tony Harris, ALDOT's media and community relations manager. "However, that created a problem in that only five could be selected. And, that was difficult because each nominee offered knowledge and expertise that would have benefited the COG."

The group was recommended by an independent panel including members from Mobile County Government, Fish and Wildlife and the Chamber of Commerce. The five members selected are Jeremy Dogette, Sondra McLeod Fincher, Rhonda Stringfellow, J. Paul Thrash and Lori Deas Williams. Existing COG members include Ernie Brannan, Alvin Hutchinson, Fred Kelly, Billy Lucas and Barbara Shaw.

Stakeholders Needed

As ALDOT prepares to resume construction of the Safe98 project, we recognize the importance of communicating with our stakeholders that have an interest in the project. If you would like to be listed as an organization stakeholder and receive periodic updates about the project, please submit information about your organization by clicking here. Stakeholders will receive information about public meetings, design hearings, construction schedule, environmental reports and other information. Individuals can also receive e-updates about the project by clicking the same link.

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